Rebecca Posoli-Cilli

Rebecca Posoli-Cilli has helped Freestream Aircraft become an intercontinental powerhouse that has the resources to meet the needs of any client, whether selling or buying an aircraft.

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Freestream Aircraft Ltd.

Freestream Aircraft USA Ltd. has continuously innovated and pushed the aviation market to new heights. Its current President, Rebecca Posoli-Cilli, is an experienced broker, specializing in handling high-end corporate aircraft transactions and has 18 years of previous industry experience. She has built her career and reputation around offering a bespoke service to her clients. Freestream Aircraft USA Ltd specializes in global business jet sales, acquisitions, and a hassle-free charter flight service. Their team uniquely covers all aspects of aircraft brokerage, acquisition, marketing, sales, custom design services, import/export and maintenance of their clients’ aircraft.

As President of Freestream Aircraft USA Ltd., Rebecca handles the accounts of some of society’s most prestigious members. She specializes in the field state-of-the-art jets from medium-range to ultra-long corporate. Regardless of whether Rebecca’s clients have a brand new G650, BBJ or are refurbishing a used Global, Rebecca Posoli-Cilli’s dedicated team work seamlessly to provide for clients’ specific needs in business and leisure travel. Freestream also focuses on the importance of attending to all details of the clients’ specifications, and pride themselves on providing an excellent service with 24/7 care and privacy. Under Posoli-Cilli’s leadership, Freestream Aircraft USA Ltd secured the position as exclusive broker to The Royal Bank of Scotland, Credit Suisse and Bank of America. Other prestigious clients include Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, royalty and Heads of State.

Alongside offering 24/7 care to their local and international clients, Freestream keep their clients up to date with developments in the aviation world by providing tailored weekly newsletters. These include vital information about the current condition of the market for buyers and sellers, assessments of aircraft market competition, and any potential interest into their vehicles.

Throughout her 20-year career in the aviation industry, Posoli-Cilli has successfully secured the completion of over 375 transactions, elevating the company to acheive over a billion dollars in aircraft sales. Through their positioning in offices in New Jersey and Bermuda, Freestream are uniquely poised to access the international market, and over the years have developed strong industry connections with buyers, sellers and suppliers from all around the globe.


About Rebecca Posoli-Cilli

Posoli-Cilli provides constant personal support, conducting all pre-purchase inspections herself and making all arrangements to ensure her clients’ expectations are exceeded at every turn. Posoli-Cilli has specifically honed Freestream with a unique edge over their competition, offering a rare design and completion management service. With her exceptional levels of industry sales within an increasingly competitive brokers market, Rebecca Posoli-Cilli has firmly established herself as a leader in the aircraft industry.

On top of her sterling work as President and COO, Rebecca Posoli-Cilli also dedicates her time as a philanthropist, supporting several professional womens’ organizations including International Aviation Womens Association, Women in Aviation International and Women United. She sets aside some of her valuable time toward efforts in improving education in places like Shanghai, and supports medical research and improvement through the American Cancer Society.

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